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Project Description

2022 Tour

Thank you for your interest in the Ontario Hot Rod Tour.

At this time, full tour registration is full.

Follow our Facebook page for information about our daily activities and where you can join up with us.

The 2022 Ontario Hot Rod Tour is scheduled for June 2-3-4-5 2022.

This year’s tour will return us to our rambling roots a bit.

We will start out in London on Thursday June 2nd around 8am.

Thursday’s path will take us through Chatham Kent and then west towards our first night stop in our hometown of Windsor. Several stops are planned along the way and a big get together is being planned.

Friday we will head out of Windsor back down Lake Erie to London for our Friday night stay over. We are working with our friends in London on a get together in the area .

Saturday morning we are headed southeast across the province towards Fort Erie. We are in the preliminary stages of laying out stops and places to visit.

Sunday morning we will start the day with a trip down the Niagara Parkway, through the falls and back along Lake Ontario. Our final destination will be the Unfinished Nationals at Flamboro Speedway where we will split up and say our goodbyes around 1pm or so.

This is, as always, a work in progress. We will update stuff as we finalize it. Registration will open on and will remain open until May 1st, 2022.

Registration can be cancelled at no cost up until May 15th, 2022.

Upon registration you will be sent an information package and an invitation to join our 2022 tour participants Facebook page. Info will be distributed through Facebook, our website and our newsletter.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Participant Registration

$10000per driver
  • Registration includes window banner, event decal, event t-shirt, access to all official stops and activities, 1 poker hand, access to event hotel discounts, complete maps and directions, including Google map kml layers

Stay informed. Join our newsletter.

    General FAQ

    Do I have to register?2018-06-26T06:44:15-04:00

    Registered entries and their passengers will receive certain perks, as well as preferred parking at certain stops and free refreshments at others. It also helps us gauge venue requirements. Registration also gets you participant stickers, a t- shirt, and entry to a couple of events. So the answer is no, you don’t. But we think if you are going for the complete tour it would be to your benefit.

    We want to come hang out for a while. How do we find the tour?2018-06-26T06:52:55-04:00

    As we get closer to the event we will be posting a fairly accurate time table of stops etc. We will also be posting our progress in real time on our Facebook page.

    Will we all travel together?2018-06-26T06:50:13-04:00

    For the most part yes, individual groups may stop for fuel etc. at different times but generally everyone will bunches back up again at our official stops. Staying with the group is not mandatory, but it is more fun.

    What if I break down?2018-06-26T06:48:33-04:00

    It’s important to come prepared. Make sure your vehicle has been inspected before the tour . We will have a variety of tools, gaskets, fluids and parts to assist you, and a compiled list of towing companies and services along the route.

    Is food provided on the tour?2018-06-26T06:51:47-04:00

    Depending on our sponsors, there could be some light snacks and beverages offered at a couple of stops. Meals are on you. We recommend that a cooler with some picnic type food and sandwiches might be a fun way to keep the cost down.

    I’m not registered, but can you send me the host hotel information?2018-06-26T06:57:09-04:00

    No, the host hotel information is reserved for registered, paying participants.  We need to ensure that there are enough rooms for everyone in our tour group. Follow our Facebook page during the event and you’ll be able to see where we are and where we’re heading. We’ll make it easy for you to hook up with us.

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